Milhaze’s compositions

Collage 2018-10-05 14_13_35

In art this week we began adding the cut out shapes to our drawings from last week. Milhaze’s was famous fro multi layered colouring using a variety of materials. Before we began with our continuation, we carefully thought about how Milhaze’s actually layered her work and why she used specific materials. On closer inspection, it became clear that she used both felt and cut outs to add the next later to her work. We believed that she chose the cut outs to create the flower like shapes because it was a simple material to make deep cuts into from intricate shapes. Using this knowledge, the children planned their cut outs an coloured card before moving onto adding it to their work from last week.




In RE the children have been learning about the relevance of miracles in Christianity. In this lesson we looked at the Calming of the Storm. We aimed to predict what we thought the miracle was about first. We used our prediction to put together an act of the miracle before performing them to the class.

We then found out what the miracle was about and discussed what the importance of the miracle was for the people at the time and more specifically the disciples. Jesus was trying to teach them that they should not have been frightened because they should have had  faith in him. This led to a very interesting discussion about whether or not having faith in something can take away fear from us.


Place Value

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In Today’s lesson, the children were working with numbers up to 1,000,000. We aimed to work out what numbers were necessary to be able to partition them correctly. The children split into their teams and had to identify the whole number and work out what numbers are needed to make the whole number as well. The children then moved onto working out other ways to partition each number. Eg. 4501 can be partitioned as 4000+500+1 but also as 4001+500. Both are correct because they lead us back to our original answer, 4501.

matisse week

Matisse Week

0B701DE7-32FF-4339-A92C-89AAAD82E25C.jpegIn year 5, the children focused on the painting “The Rider and the Clown”. We began by analysing the painting and working out which types of materials he would have used before having a go at recreating one half of the original painting. We then created the shapes we wanted for our own paintings. We focused on important people as the focal point to our paintings before cutting smaller patterned shapes as our borders. We used primary colours to make our backgrounds before finally adding the cut outs to complete our paintings.

Hook day

Friday 13th September 2018
Hook Day- North America

To start of our topic, we first built a jigsaw of the United States of America in teams. We then moved onto building clay pots, similar to that of the Mexican clay pots found in family homes. The children used simple patterns found on serapes to design their pots We ended the day with churros and learning about the lost Maya Civilisation.BBB7924B-02DE-4EE8-90DE-7516601AD312

Workout with a Paralympic athlete

This week Christ Church were lucky to have an English Paralympic athlete Solomon come to visit us.
He shared his incredible journey with us and the hurdles he had to overcome to reach his goals.
Each class were lucky enough to get a inside look into Solomon’s training regimen. Here are some pictures of how the kids coped with his intense WARM UP workout!!


Trip to the Science Museum

The children made their way to the Science Museum this half term in preparation for our topic next half term…Space!!
The children participated in a quiz in the first exhibition hall in which we broke into 3 teams to answer questions using the information around the hall about building rockets and astronauts. The race was close, but Ms Julies team won by a half point!!
We  then went to experience an exhilarating 4D film in which we watched the landing of the first Apollo Mission. This was a truly memorable experience as many of us, including the adults had not experienced a 4D movie before in which the seats moved in tandem with the action in the movie!!
We will be visiting the Science Museum again for sure!!