Vikings and their Shields

After having learnt about Viking weaponry, we finally got onto creating our own Viking shields.
Using the designs we have mocked up using the traditional patterns we studied, we produced our own shields. We made sure to keep it to the circular fashion that is traditional for a Viking shield.
The children learnt that the reason they were circular was that it allowed Vikings to build a shield wall to defend against incoming spear attacks and they would normally be made of wood because the material was much lighter, therefore allowing the Vikings to move faster in battle. Here is some of our designs.


Finally onto fractions

In the last 2 weeks the children have begun tackling fractions. We have made sure to work as often as we can with the practical materials to really see the workings of fractions. We have recently focused on seeing how equivalent fractions can be created. We also looked at the importance of a whole in fractions and how this can be created fractionally speaking. In order to do so, we produced Mondrian art works to see how he used fractions in his art work. Here is some of our work.

Science Fair

Over the last couple of weeks, Amina, Omarion, Rhema, Nafees and Karanjeet participated in the St Gabriel’s Science fair. The children spent the last 4 sessions working on a project in which they aimed to work out which materials were alkaline and acidic. The children used the PH scale to determine the acidity of each material before putting the data together to present.

The children put together a pitch that they presented to the other schools. It was great to see the children so confidently present their work to the other schools. Whilst we did not manage to place this time around, it was a wonderful experience that they can build on for the next fair.

Sports relief Dance workshop

To kick start our Sport Relief activities, the children participated in a wonderful Street dance workshop in which they learnt about the history of break dance and that it originally was named after dancers engaging in epic dance off’s during the breaks between hip hop songs during the 1970’s.
It was especially impressive to see the children really grasp the old school break dance moves in the session. Some of the children even had a dance off with the instructor!!!

Trip to the National Theatre

This week the children finally went on their trip to the National Theatre to watch the Winters Tale.

Before we went however, the children participated in a wonderful interactive drama workshop to familiarise themselves with the story so we had an idea about the characters before the play.

The children, through various dramatic activities had the chance to play the main characters from the play and put their modern twist on an old family tale which included betrayal, friendship and romance.

Having gotten to grips with the language of the play and the motivations of the main characters we travelled to the National Theatre to watch the play itself. The children very much enjoyed the great acting and the wonderful light show from their front row seats and even managed to meet the actors at the end of play.

Trip to Imaginations Lab

For Computing week, the children went to visit the Imaginations Lab. The children worked on trying to code the robot to pick up various blocks around the map. However before we could do that, we needed to put our building skills to use by creating a scooper for the robot to use and pick up the blocks. After many failed attempted, the children managed to create a scooper that could pick up the blocks. However the coding is where we got a little stuck. We had to remember that only through trial and error would be be able to find the right combination to program the robot successfully to pick up the blocks. In the end, we managed to work out the sequences!!!

film day

On Friday, after a week of preparation, the children finally got ready for their filming. In this lesson the children added final edits to their plans. They did a table read in their groups as actors would in preparation for their filming before finally filming in the playground and forest schools. The purpose of the table read was to see if there was any dialogue that did not fit or if anything should be added in terms of stage directions. This allowed the children to edit through talk so they had their scripts in good condition for filming and so that they were all familiar with their roles.