This week in Year 5

This week the children created their own newspaper articles around the book we have been reading in class, Holes.
The children are getting ready to finally watch the film next week and see so


me of the great characters we’ve come across this term, especially the infamous Mr Sir, whom the children have a lot of writing about in our newspaper articles.
We’ve also been looking at the states in the USA and using atlases to see if we can identify them all in topic.
The children also made their Native Indian hats this Friday. We’ve still got a few left, so be sure to come and pick one up!!


Yr5’s first outing to Forest Schools

Today year 5 went to forest schools for the first time this year. To continue with our topic work on the Americas, we began looking at the totem poles the Native Indians were found to worship during their time.
We began the process of building out very own totem poles. This week, thanks to Ms Allison’s help, the children learnt about the differences between multiple woodworking tools including saws, drill-bits, hacksaws and sand shavers.
The children sawed their own pieces of wood this week and sanded them down so they were smooth and ready for them to begin carving the intricate patterns of the totem poles into them next week.

Here are the pictures of the children hard at work in the outdoors getting their totem poles ready.

Next week, we will be ready to start carving Native Indian patterns into the wood we sourced and sawed today. Stay tuned to see their work!!

Year 5